The Peace and Justice Center is Looking for a New Center Coordinator

The mission of the Peace & Justice Center is to inform, support and energize the Sonoma County community to create peace and social justice through active non-violence.  The Center Coordinator represents the Peace & Justice Center, the Board of Directors and the ideals of peace and social justice to anyone who visits, calls, or emails. The Coordinator works in collaboration with the board to support the peace and justice community of Sonoma County.  The Coordinator manages the Center in a professional and ethical manner. The routine day-to-day tasks are undertaken in a way that demonstrates attention to detail, honor for each individual, and commitment to non-violence and sustained positive change.  The Coordinator is expected to have knowledge of current events that affect peace and justice issues locally and around the world.  Please click through for more information and instructions for applying.

Letters to "The Wall"

Veterans For Peace/Swords to Plowshares Memorial Bell Tower

Currently set up between the Vietnam War Memorial and the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC - Swords to Plowshares/Veterans for Peace 24' tall touring bell tower is covered with silver wind-blown "bricks" made from recycled cans. It is dedicated to healing the moral injury of war.

Community and Local Law Enforcement Task Force - Part 1

 Task Force meeting

One of the ongoing projects of the Freedom from Militarization Project has been following the work of the Community and Local Law Enforcement Task Force, which was created by the Board of Supervisors in the aftermath of the killing of Andy Lopez by Deputy Erick Gelhaus.

Jews and Arabs Refuse To Be Enemies

A wise doughnnut maker in Tel Aviv

Art Show Opening - Celebrate People's History: Iraq Veterans Against the War - Ten Years of Fighting for Peace and Justice

Celebrate People's History: Iraq Veterans Against the War

Ten Years of Fighting for Peace and Justice is a portfolio project celebrating Iraq Veterans Against the War's (IVAW) ten year history.

50th Anniversary of the Anti-War Teach-ins on University Campuses

In March 1965, the first teach-ins against the war on Viet Nam were held on college campuses. 


We asked for a minority report and Robert Edmonds and Caroline Banuelos came through!

Members of the Justice Coalition for Andy Lopez, Sonoma County Community Oversight of Police Practices (SCCOOPP), and the Andy Lopez Free Speech Picket Line attended many meeting of the Community and Local Law Enforcement Task Force. One of the things we consistently asked for was a minority report. The chair and vice chair came through for us! Thank you, Caroline and Robert!